Friday, February 4, 2011

_Poem - Proverbs 3: 21 to 26_

Poem --- Proverbs 3:21  T0 26

Each morning we listen to the news for the actions of the day,
And wonder about tomorrow, whose ideas will be displayed.
It can be very confusing, not knowing what tomorrow holds,
But there is a solution that the "good book" has foretold.
Proverbs 3: 21 to 26We are in the final days and troubles will abound,
But reading these verses, encouragement is found.
Our Father will protect us; we are living in His plan.
As long as we have Him in our hearts, He holds us in His hands.
2 Samuel 22: 2-3We have our feet planted on the "Rock," it is solid and secure.
Whatever comes to harm us.. whatever, we can endure.
We are covered by His shield; He is our high tower in any storm,
We shout praises to the Lord and the evil attack is spurned.
Revelation 3Time has passed so very fast, God is telling us what to do.
And in plain words, God is saying, "If you don't remember me,
I can’t remember you!"

We are living in that time; we're seeing prophecy fulfilled every day.
There is nothing left before His church is caught away.

Eternity is a long long time and we will never see the end.
We have just a short short time before our eternity begins.
Verse 13, God is telling the church to listen,
To what the Spirit has to say,
It is totally up to us if we go or if we stay.

The destination.. Where is it you want to be?
Take a moment; please consider your destiny to be. 

There is Heaven and there is Hell.
Hell is torment, pain and agony forever.
Heaven is love, peace forever free.

Please give this a lot of thought, tomorrow may be to late.
Jesus is coming very soon; He's standing at the open Gate.
Only God knows the hour, the Midnight Clock is about to chime.
Those who have listened will be ready,
For that Halleluiah shouting Time!

Revelation 22: 20
He who testifies to these things say,
“Surely, I am coming quickly.”
Amen. Even so.. come quickly Lord, Jesus.

By, Delores Frey 

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