Sunday, February 20, 2011

Run Into This Forest Head

At first glance these pictures can look scary showing a huge wooden head in the middle of a forest. Don’t worry, it’s just art. The so-called “Forest Head”, also known as Silvas Capitalis is to be found in Kielder Forest near the Scottish border. The head is made by an American art group named SIMPARCH, and the purpose of it is to give shelter to cyclists and others who might take long walks in that forest.
The enormous art piece is made out of timber blocks that is detailed cut, shaped and glued together, so the artists put a lot of work to it when making the huge head. They got their inspiration from “watchers” that are spiritual beings in Celtic folklore. They are supposed to watch over the forest and the people living there. Since the head is so scary, they had to test the reaction on random kids before they started accepting young visitors. Another forest that is interesting as well is this “dancing forest” in Russia.

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