Saturday, April 16, 2011

6 Reasons Why Men Benefit From a Female Friend

Many people believe that a real friendship between a Man and a Woman cannot exist, but I would argue quite the opposite. For a Woman, it is refreshing to have a platonic male companion.  She can get all the benefits of a boyfriend, but without the drama of a relationship. If the man can get passed any sexual tension, he can seriously reap the benefits of her company.  It's like baby steps towards a better man: Here's hoping

1. She offers perspective
It's no news that men are sometimes a little confused about women.  Why they're mad, what it really means when they say œnothing , or why they don't seem impressed with the expensive takeout you brought home when you were supposed to take her to dinner.  She'll give you insight to women's' œcrazy mind and hopefully help prevent any confusion in your future.
2. She has hot friends for you
She can talk you up to our hot, single girlfriends.   She can tell them how you're so sweet, how much success you've had in your career and what a catch you are.  All you have to do is show up, the work is already done because she can have her friends curious about you.  She can also be the ultimate wingman and introduce you to new women, saying all the right things and only picking out the hottest ones.
3. She will tell you straight up
I think when men spend too much time with other men, they risk the slight chance of  forgetting what is always morally sound.  That's where the female friend comes in.  She will have no problem treating you like a son at this very moment, so slapping you on the back of your head and calling you an idiot usually does the trick.  She can also give her opinions on the girls you're dating or trying to date.  She will help you understand why the stripper with the huge boobs and perfect ass is not marriage material.
4. She can help you communicate
Women communicate much better than men, its just a fact.  Women are in tune with their emotions, they talk things out and open up to one another.   When you're around a girl that's only a friend, you can open up and (gulp) be sensitive around her.  You even feel comfortable (double gulp) discussing your feelings without the judgment you would get from your buddies.  Just imagine her as practice for the real thing¦ (triple gulp) intimacy.
5. She makes you look attractive to other women
When a man has girls as good friends, it shows that they are capable of having friendships with women that are not based on sex.  Sure, sometimes men might think about it, but the fact that they don't act on it says a lot about him and what he finds important.  As long as your new girl is not insecure, she will appreciate your platonic female BFF.

6. You˜ll always have a date for an event
Most of the time, a man wants a date to couple's events like a dinner party or a wedding.  This is where having a girl that's just a friend comes in handy.  She can fill that void for you without you having to worry about her wondering œwhere this is going and if its getting serious.  She'll just be your hot arm candy for the night, giving you a drinking buddy and a dance partner with no strings attached.

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