Sunday, April 10, 2011

~* I Will Never Forget You *~

You must have your reasons
For doing the things you do
By being silent and reclusive
I tried to reach out to you

I kept trying to keep in touch
What was I supposed to do
As this year was almost over
I'm longing to hear from you

Remembering all we shared
Recollecting as I so often do
Yet I wonder if you are aware
How much I am missing you

While I shall continue to write
I keep hoping you would too
But you do not need to doubt
I know I will never forget you...

(¨`*.*´¨) Always
`*.¸(¨`*.*´¨) Keep
(¨`*.*´¨)¸.*´ Smiling!
`*.¸.*´ Shahid Sameer

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