Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Words Come from the Heart

Words Come from the Heart
~ Death & Life Are In The Power Of The Tongue ~

Words can mean many different things
The message they carry is up to you
Your heart, your thoughts, your attitude
The way you speak will bring them through!

First they travel the route
from your heart to your mind
Then as they are tossed about,
the meaning you're sending they find

Are the things you speak fit
for Kings and Royalty?
Or are they feeble and weak
filled with sadness and plea?

Once they exit your lips
they are no longer a thought
Are you glad they escaped?
Do you wish they could be caught?

Out of the heart flow the issues of life
Are your words filled with love?
Are your words filled with strife?

Is your heart filled with treasure?
Do you know what's in store?
Can your kind words be measured?
Is your heart bitter sore?

If your heart has been filled with cold
harsh words in the past~

They can be gathered and spilled
Replaced with love that will last

The transfusion takes time
It's not one to be rushed~

But the hurt and the voices
by love can be hushed

Just whisper His name~
Peace will rush through your heart!

Jesus, Dear Jesus
Come into my heart
and never depart!


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