Monday, April 11, 2011

Your "kisses" Mean "The World"To Me

Those little pecks,of kisses,on the cheek!
You always say,no peeking,but I 'love to sneak.
You should know me,by now,you little cutie!
Your "kisses" mean "the world"to me.
Where would I be,
If I didn't have you,to hug,and kiss?
I know I'd be so lonely,and those "kisses",I would surely miss!
I just couldn't live,without those tiny,little pecks.
So please don"t ever stop,or I"ll lose my,little nest,
That I've stored inside,my" private"wooden chest!
I surely wouldn't survive,without those daily-five,kisses! 
(¨`*.*´¨) Always
`*.¸(¨`*.*´¨) Keep

(¨`*.*´¨)¸.*´ Smiling!

`*.¸.*´ Shahid Sameer

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