Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Generation of LovE

Our Minds, Our Hearts Encapsulate
So Much Loving That has Gone Before
All Our Forebears Built of Might and Courage
To Open Wide Each Present Door
 And Now Their Baton Has Been Passed
We Are Today's Resounding Force
Swept In The Current of Life's Raging River
From All That Was Their Call

Their Prayer, Their Fortitude
Chiseled to Our Heart
We Are Now The Living Reflection
Of The Life They Could Impart
Oh, May We Ever Give As They
From all God Calls Us To
May Their Great Hearts of Parenthood
Be Upheld In All We Do

To keep On Building Faith to Faith
With Life That Shall Endure
In God's Love and Truth that Echoes From His Heart
To keep Each Heart Secure
 Each Day There Is Wonder and Joy Awaiting
You. The Growth You Experience Is Just What
Is needed At This Time. You Are a Student,
And The Teacher Will Appear

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