Monday, May 30, 2011


Through the Wisdom and Stories of  Grandmothers, We Learn Basic Principles of Confidence from Them, Lived by Even in the Face of Personal Tragedy and Economic Turmoil, Including the Depression.
 1.        Feed Your Mind Good Stuff:
           Learn How to Identify and Filter Out the Negativity that Surrounds Us

2.        Move The Conversation Forward:

           Learn to Break Free From the Negative Thought Cycle and Communicate Positivity and Confidence

3.        Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle:
           Learn to Practice Thankfulness to Build a Positive Outlook

4.        Give To Be Rich:
           Learn How Generosity of Self Can Combat Feelings of Inadequacy

5.        Prepare Your Self:

           Learn How to Fully Commit Yourself to Your Goals and Be Ready for Anything

6.        Balance Your Confidence:

           Learn to Temper Your Self-Confidence by
      Trusting in Others and Believing in Something
Greater than Yourself

7.        Promise Made, Promise Kept:

           Learn the Value of Integrity by Being Accountable for Your Promises

[tHe SiLLy BoY]

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