Saturday, June 4, 2011

Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything.
- Charles Swindoll

Attitude truly is EVERYTHING. All life is a magnificent blessing. Each of us has been blessed in our own way. While one point of view is that some have been "more" blessed than others, I would be inclined to reply with the old saying, "Comparisons are odious." Why suffer over what you don't have when you can rejoice in what you do have.

There are links to three videos below. Each of these videos tells the story of someone creating a great life in the face of what most of us would consider insurmountable handicaps.
Love of Golf - DJ Gregory: Inspiring video of DJ Gregory, a golfer in spite of Cerebral Palsy, walking all the golf courses of the entire PGA tour.
Stroke of Insight - Jill Bolte Taylor: Jill Bolte Taylor, a Brain Scientist for many years, had her own stroke of insight into the nature of spiritual being when she had a stroke and a near-death experience. Watch This Video and See What You Think... Inspiring video of DJ Gregory, a Golfer in Spite of Cerebral Palsy, walking all the Golf Courses of the entire PGA tour.

Not Disabilities At All - More Abilities. - Patrick Henry Hughes: Patrick Henry Hughes, a pianist and marching band trumpet player who has been Blind and severely crippled from Birth, is an Amazing Inspiration of Positive Attitude. When Patrick is asked about his Disabilities, He Replies, "Not Disabilities At All - More Abilities." Watch This Amazing Video, and count your own blessings...

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