Saturday, July 23, 2011


The Butterfly Counts Not Months But Moments
And Has Time Enough
- Rabindranath Tagore

If We Don't See A Failure As A Challenge To Modify Our Approach
But Rather As A Problem With Ourselves, As A Personality Defect
We Will Immediately Feel Overwhelmed
- Tony Robbins

Feeling Overwhelmed By Apparent Demands On Our Time Is Like Going To A Restaurant, Ordering Everything On The Menu
And Complaining About Indigestion
- jlh

Overwhelm Is Not A Pleasant Condition. The To-Do List Overflows, The Deadlines Appear Imminent And Immovable There Are Too Many Demands Upon Too Little Of Your Time Does This Sound Familiar?

Truly, There Is Nothing You Must Do Stop Breathe Deeply And Slowly
Choose To Put Your Own inner Peace First
Then Choose To Work On What Is Most Important To You Rather Than That Which Appears Most Urgent
[tHe SiLLy BoY]

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