Sunday, February 13, 2011

''__TO, TO & TOO & TOO__''


Let’s again turn towards the words having same spelling and / or pronouncement, but having different meaning. The given pair of words viz; to & too can be used in multiple way so as to have different meaning.


Word “TO” can be used in various ways as;
  • In the direction of : Yesterday, while I was on the way TO Railway Station, suddenly I fell down.
  • As far as : TO the very end, fight TO the last drop of blood etc.
  • In comparison with : true TO life, true TO nature etc.
  • For showing indirect object : go and show this proof TO your lawyer.
  • Indicating towards : his such act amounts TO indiscipline.
  • Indicating infinitive mood : I want him TO stay on.
  • Indicating desire : he came TO see me.
  • When infinitive is used as noun : TO err is human, TO forgive divine.
and many more ways.


On the other hand, the word “TOO” is to be used as ;
  • For - also and as well as : Rajesh is rich and kind TOO.
  • For – moreover : It was raining heavily lately, and in early May TOO!
  • Overmuch, more than desired : rock climbing is TOO difficult for me.
  • so .. as not .. : its TOO heavy to lift at second floor.
  • quickly, sooner : last vacation ended TOO soon.
and in many other ways.

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