Sunday, February 13, 2011

(_" Wanna brighten up your love life? Here are a few tips "_)

Love is supposed to bring sunshine and happiness into one’s life. If your love life is not brightening up your mood and is, it seems, filling you up with a huge amount of grief instead, then it’s time for de-toxifying your relationship. Here are five simple tips to help you clean up the mess in your love life.

Start talking

Negativities don’t emerge in a single day. They generally build up over a long period of time. If your relationship is plagued with bad vibes today, it’s because you never bothered to sort out the mess before. So talk with your partner about issues that are draining away the fun and happiness from your life. Tell your partner what you feel about them and what this relationship means to you. Tell him/her about things you like and you detest. Spend time just talking and bonding with each other. The immediate benefits of effective communication will surely leave you surprised.

Change your habits

Adjusting a little as per your partner’s needs is a must to make any relationship work. If she dislikes your habit of coming late every time or flirting with other women in front of her, you might as well change these to let peace prevail in your life. It’s really not much of a price for a happy relationship, so go for it.

Accept the issues

Look for mutually acceptable solutions. She is not giving you enough space, or you, in your turn, are getting too curious or possessive about her... Well, whatever the issues may be, you need to accept them as real and arrive at solutions to solve the problem. Do it now before the bond gets severed beyond repair.

Respect emotions

It’s very important to have a partner who respects you for what you are, who trusts you and knows how to read between the lines. This may, of course, take some time to master and for a good and healthy relationship to come about, but you can begin by not passing rude comments about their beliefs, looks and mannerisms.

Go on a holiday

Sometimes boredom kills all the excitement that is necessary to keep a relationship alive and kicking. This lack of excitement that gives way to negativity is a sure shot killer. So infuse some passion and excitement in your relationship by taking a quick romantic break. A weekend holiday is the best option, keeping hectic schedules in mind.

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