Friday, April 29, 2011

How Successful is Visualization?

 How Successful is Visualization?
There are 3 elements within you that determine how successful visualization will be for you:

Desire – the depth of feeling for what you are seeking through visualization.
Belief – the more you believe in your chosen goal and the possibility of attaining it, the greater the likelihood of successfully achieving it through visualization
Acceptance – You must be willing to accept and have that for which you use visualization.
It may appear difficult to believe but simply by changing your thinking pattern you can achieve anything you desire in your life. As you intentionally attempt to change your thinking one of the most important steps is to match your thoughts with your actions. When it is done properly you discipline yourself to do whatever is required to achieve your goals. Idle visualization will not lead to achievement of goals.

Overcoming Limited Thinking
Visualization can achieve great things, but for every person there are some areas, which he might find hard to change, at least in the immediate future. The power of visualization is a great power, but there are some limits to using it. These limits are within us, not in the power.
We often limit ourselves and cannot look beyond a limited circle. We limit ourselves by our thoughts and beliefs. The more open-minded we can be, and the bigger we can think, the greater are our opportunities and possibilities. Limitations are within our minds, and it is up to us to rise above them.
It may take some time until things start to change. Simple, small demonstrations of the power of visualization may come fast, but bigger results may need a longer time to happen. All that we require is patience and belief.

In our book 'Mikey Says 'I Can Do It', visualization is a key theme. Mikey overcomes his limiting belief of not being able to climb Tiggle, the tallest tree in Happyland, by using the power of visualization and affirmations.

When used with genuine intention, visualization can achieve great things in our lives.

Visualization can work wonders in all the areas you wish to improve. Nobody achieved anything great without first visualization of what he or she wanted to achieve

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