Saturday, April 30, 2011

Someone Who Really Cares


~*~Someone Who Really Cares ~*~

If I could take a minute
To help you understand
I am a better person
Because you are my friend
And it really doesn't matter
If we're together or apart
For I swept you up into my hands
And placed you in my heart
And if at any moment
You ever start to doubt
There's a special bond between us
That I can't live without
You truly are the answers
To many of my prayers
When I told God I needed
Someone who really cares
Someone to stand beside me
To help comfort and to cope
To remind me that there's always
Some room for one to hope
You've helped me through some things
That no one could help me through
I never knew what friendship was
Until I first met you
And if I had one simple wish
It would surely be
That God would keep you in my life
Throughout all eternity
And now I hope you realize
Just how much you mean to me
You are the definition
Of what a real, true friend should be

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