Friday, April 29, 2011

Visualization & Think More Positively?

 Visualization & Think More Positively?
Would you like your child to use visualization and think more positively? How and why does visualization work?

Visualization uses concentration and power on a dominant thought. A thought has magnetic energy which attracts other energy of a similar nature. Every event in our lives, and all our possessions, started by a simple thought. We can see this principle at work when, for example, someone thinks continuously about a friend and they accidentally meet their friend or they get a call or an email from them. The power of visualization will have been at work.

By having a thought, and constantly holding that thought in our mind, we attract and create that thought physically through visualization. If you think constantly that you are ill, you will attract illness. If you think that you are happy, then you will definitely attract happiness. Therefore conscious visualization of what we want in life can help us manifest it in our lives. This is the power of visualization.
Visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to create what we want in life. This powerful line might throw some light and it has been observed by many great writers that "Great leaders are great dreamers." Therefore, if used in the right way, visualization can help us achieve success and prosperity, and improve our life. Our mind is very powerful, and visualization uses our mind to achieve success. People use visualization everyday, but they are unaware about it.

Visualization is a process similar to day dreaming. For example, if someone has a great desire to own a beautiful house, and he continuously visualizes the type of house he wants, he will attract the house into his life. It may sound like magic, but visualization is only a natural process of the power of thoughts. In other words, visualization works such that the dominating thoughts of one's mind will be taken as instruction by the subconscious mind, which will invoke persistent and continuous action to reproduce themselves through outward physical action directed at realizing the dominant thought. The dominating thought is strongly backed by burning desire and that drives one to focus all energy towards its attainment.

People become successful because they use the power of visualization, whether consciously or unconsciously. Whether knowingly or not, visualization of the desired outcome is key to attaining it.

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